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FILD was established in 2012 in Kiev ( Ukraine) by Dan Vakhrameyev. Dan got his MA degree at Art-Design International University of Salvador Dali. Since then, he has successfully worked with Pinchuk Foundation, United Media Group, UART- Foundation for Cultural, YUMMY marketing communication agency, a number of fashion brands such as Ali Saulidi, SAYYA, Julia Woll, Podolyan as well as L'UVE. He has worked in branding, graphic design as well as commercial advertising lay-outs. Since 2013, FILD has also expended his field of expertise by engaging in and successfully completing architectural & interior design as well as branding projects for a Yoga studio, a few beauty salons, a fashion store and a flower boutique in Kiev. In 2014 Kateryna Fedorenko joined FILD as an executive director. Kateryna has her background in fashion industry, gaining her experience over a period of 12 years and founding L’UVE fashion brand. Having initially been a loyal client of FILD design company, she moved onto engaging herself fully with the company, bringing into this creative collaboration her management skills and fashion vision. Since 2014 FILD started its very first object design collection. Lightning fixtures, shelving units, seating units.



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